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AWS redshift Pricing

Picking the best option for your business needs



With Amazon Redshift, you can start small at $0.25 per hour and scale up to fit you requirements. Choosing the best pricing option based on your needs can mean thousands of dollars in the charges, you can choose On-Demand Instances and pay for your database by the hour, or choose Reserved Instances for additional savings. You can also choose, Redshift Serverless that allows you to pay for usage by automatically starting, stopping, and scaling your capacity up or down based on your needs.

Choose your pricing

AWS Free Tier



Free Trial

Valid for two months

750 Hours per month

160 GB data

Runs on compressed SSD

On Demand Pricing



Pay for provisioned capacity by the houw

2 vCPU

15 GB memory

.6 GB/s IO

.16 TB SSD

Reserved Instance



Per month

Dedicated instance

no upfront cost

.20 effective hourly

20% savings