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watson utilchat -
ai powered utility chatbot

utilchat is helping utility companies deliver better service while providing great customer service

Utility companies have traditionally been deliberate at adopting new technologies.  This has seen a change in the past few years with increased competition and shrinking margins putting pressure on executives to adapt.  One way utility companies are increasing customer satisfaction and reducing cost is through Artificial Intelligence.  Traditional means of customer outreach like websites require users to navigate menus and search for answers to basic questions, only to compel a customer to call in for service.

Watson UtilCHAT speaks human language through AI and understands context from the exchange to answer questions and accomplish tasks, all in a natural, conversational manner.  This approach is more fluid for a customer and is a tested method to meet the needs of today's consumer.  It provides a more personalized and engaging method of interaction.

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Solve Business Problems with Watson Technology

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According to a recent survey, 61 percent of consumers rate their experience with utility companies as negative.  Navigating a call systems tree or trying to find answers on a website while in the middle of an outage is frustrating.  UtilCHAT reduces that frustration - or even eliminates it - by putting complex terms into more straightforward language and walking the customers through simple steps.

Utilities are looking for ways to leverage AI technology to provide 24/7 customer service.  UtilCHAT provides a robust chat experience for the customer at an economical price for the utilities.  UtilCHAT, built on IBM Watson technology, can connect with the utilities' systems to gather information on the customer, to provide a rich custom experience, allowing the customer to setup appointments, check account balances, check outages, stop service and many other common activities.

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The Dayhuff Group, an IBM business partner, delivers an improved customers' experience with self-service options that provide information and resolve issues in real time.  Here are just a few ways in which UtilCHAT is able to improve the customer's experience:

  • Identify or report an outage

  • Check account balance

  • Check payment information

  • Start or stop service

  • Set up appointment for utility line marking

  • Service locations

  • Customer program information


By bringing the customer into focus, utility companies can expect to see unrivaled retention and increased customer satisfaction.

Reach out to the Dayhuff Group today to see a demo.

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