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Take Watson Assistant for a ride.

Click on the blue chat dialog icon 

to start a new service by typing

"New service" in the chat box.

Watson can also help your customers with questions like:

  • Energy Savings Ideas

  • I'm looking for ways to save energy

  • How can I save money on my bill?

  • Should I replace my light bulbs?

  • Energy is escaping from my windows

  • What kind of windows will help me save energy?

Get results with Watson Assistant

95% accuracy rate

Bradesco's Watson Assistant answers 283,000 questions a month across 62 products, with only 5% of calls requiring further assistance.

5.2 million in savings

Regions Bank reduced customer care costs while improving agent productivity and average handle time by automating responses with an AI.

1,000+ reponses

Royal Bank of Scotland trained their AI assistant on 1,000 responses to over 200 queries helping customers find answers quickly and without human intervention.

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