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ai powered face 2 face platform built on ibm watson

Students and instructors alike are experiencing frustrating challenges as colleges and universities move to a virtual or hybrid education model.  Most obvious is the absence of the Face to Face collaborative experience between students and instructors.  Students are spending too much time looking at a computer screen and trying to figure out what approach each instructor is using for the coursework format.

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sentiment analysis provides invaluable intel


This dramatic shift in the learning environment fails to deliver the social and interpersonal engagement that advances maturity.  The ability to gather virtually to deliver lectures, provide intensive and time sensitive Q & A is critical.  Powered by IBM Watson, Face 2 Face is a virtual cloud hosted platform to enable distance learning and providing a safe place for collaboration between students and faculty.  It will provide ability to transform recorded lectures to text in many languages and make both mediums available anytime and anywhere for query and review.  Study material will be available 365 days and 24 hours a day to facilitate self-paced study and will feature Chat Bots for FAQs.  This solution is compatible with any Video Cloud platform you wish to use. 

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a powerful tool in the right hands

The Dayhuff Group, an IBM business partner, delivers an improved classroom experience with self-service options that provide information and resolve issues in real-time.

Here are just a few ways in which Face 2 Face is able to improve the student and faculty experience:

  • Students self-paced study

  • Lectures available in video or translated shareable text in many languages

  • Collaboration between students and instructors

  • 24/7/365 access

  • Nurture interpersonal relationships

  • Protects data and enhances cybersecurity

  • Live Q&A stored for future reference

By bringing virtual learning into focus, colleges and universities can expect to see unrivaled retention and increased satisfaction.

Contact the Dayhuff Group today to learn more.

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