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building a better business with google ai

improving the customer experience

Contact centers have a lot of moving parts.  In the past, businesses had to make a choice between operational efficiency and great customer support.  At present customers expect personalized, real-time answers to their questions when contacting a business.  Google's Contact Center AI, or CCAI, is an integrated contact center automation solution that uses Google AI.  It can interact with your customers in a human-like manor, providing immediate and exceptional customer support while improving operational efficiency.

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real insights from data

Data on a Touch Pad

Data analytics is the biggest challenge for businesses today.  It also presents the biggest opportunity.  Gaining meaningful insights from your data is key to better serving your customers.  As a Google Cloud Partner, our team of data scientists at the Dayhuff Group can solve your data challenges, using the leading data warehousing and analytics tools.

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Unlock your data potential, with more power and data management options

  • Advanced analysis tools, with hundreds of custom dimensions.

  • Custom report requests

  • Sampling limits up to 100 million sessions.

  • Leverage Google BigQuery to conduct deep analysis and Machine Learning to automatically and rapidly generate insights.

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