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What is your AI story?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

How can AWS help a company transform....

Read the story of Coca-Cola and AWS.

After 20 years of operating its own on-premises data centers, Coca-Cola migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2013. Earlier that year, the company’s Super Bowl commercial generated a spike in website traffic that oversaturated its servers, catalyzing Coca-Cola’s decision to move to the cloud. Since its migration, Coca-Cola has reduced its operational costs by 40 percent and IT ticket volume by 80 percent. In addition, many individual bottlers in the company's global network of distributors, such as Coca-Cola Andina and Coca-Cola İçecek, are accelerating their digital transformation. Coca-Cola continues to innovate on AWS, recently using AWS serverless technologies to develop a low-latency, touchless user experience for its Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage-dispensing platform in only 150 days.

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What is your AI story?

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