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enable student accessibility

ibm watson Speech to text + mediasite integration

Students with disabilities were profoundly impacted by the pandemic.  Lectures were delivered electronically instead of in person and commonly hosted on the MediaSite platform.  IBM Watson Speech to Text for transcription and captioning allows all students accessibility to their preferred learning format.  Watson Speech to Text costs pennies per minute but delivers immeasurable benefits to many students.

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Speech To Text User Training capabilities

College Campus

Speech to Text uses Language Model Training to improve speech recognition accuracy for a use case in domain-specific terminology, acronyms, product names, jargons, and expressions. STT uses Acoustic Model Training to improve speech recognition for a use case in regional dialects and domain-specific acoustical environments. And with Grammars Training, Speech to Text deepens the Language Model Training by applying rules to recognize specific phrases, words, letters, numbers or lists.

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