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80% of customers prefer to use an Assistant over filling out a form

Companies are looking for a starting point to leverage AI technologies.  Most are seeking to improve customer service and gain operational efficiencies.  Many of them start the journey through chatbot technologies.  A recent survey found that 80% of customers prefer to use a chatbot over filling out a form.  The experience is more personal and takes far less time than a static web based form.

Company websites are full of forms that are used to gather information from customers.  Forms have limits.  Forms require customers to fill out unnecessary information, they can't change a form type on the fly, and a form can't recognize multiple answers from one question.  In general, forms are frustrating and viewed as a necessary evil for most customers.  Watson Assistant is a much-improved experience over forms.

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Solve Business Problems with Watson Technology

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IBM Watson Assistant is more than just a chatbot.  It is a personal assistant to your customer.  It grows smarter as it interacts with clients.  Watson Assistant will interact with your back end systems to gather customer specific data to answer questions specific to the client.  Dayhuff has connected Watson Assistant to Frevvo forms and IBM Case Manager, to allow for completion and submission of corporate forms to workflows.

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Almost all corporate forms can be turned into a chat conversation by training the Watson AI engine to understand the form.  Dayhuff trains the Watson Assistant to understand the questions on the form and how to fill out the form as the customer is providing answers in a chat session.  The assistant can skip unnecessary questions as it processes through the form, reducing the frustration and providing a better customer experience.  Upon completion of the form, the Watson Assistant can present the form for validation or submit the form to FileNet Case Manager to initiate a workflow.

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AI Powered Self Service


Here are just a few ways in which Watson Assistant with Frevvo Forms and FileNet is able to improve the customer's experience:

  • More natural customer experience

  • Ability to change forms on the fly

  • One conversation can fill out multiple forms

  • Seamless integration with IBM Case Manager

  • Can work with any type of form layout

  • Complete cloud solution

  • Can work with existing forms

  • Can pull information from corporate data sources

Contact the Dayhuff Group today to see a demo of Watson Assistant in action on one of your forms.

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