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How can you sift through questions and complaints from customers through various channels and use the information to improve the customer experience? IBM Watson Discovery understands the intent of the customer and leverages the data to identify trends in products or services and to identify how customers feel about products, services, or a company as a whole.  Contact us to learn more. 

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Watson Discovery provides AI-powered search and text analytics capabilities to empower an organization's experts and knowledge workers with the right information at the right time, in the right context.

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Watson Discovery enables clients to unlock hidden value in unstructured data to find answers, monitor trends, and surface patterns.

  • AI infused throughout the experience - AI is applied at every stage of the process from data collection, enrichment, training, query - and is experienced by both administrators and end-users.

  • Rapidly Adapt to the Language of your Domain - Out of the box training tools rapidly expand existing AI models to provide the most accurate answers for the nuanced language of your domain.

  • Learns the Visual Structure of Complex Documents - AI understands complex document constructs like a human would - visually - and dramatically improves the effectiveness of NLP and ability to find answers.

  • Usability for Non-Technical Admins - Clients time-to-value is reduced dramatically, because unlike most competitors we've designed Watson Discovery from the ground up for line of business users so non-technical users can take advantage of advanced AI.

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watson discovery is a leader in ai text analytics

Watson Discovery received the highest score for strategy and for market presence in the two Forrester Wave: AI-Based Text Analytics Platforms Document-Focused and People-Focused Q2 2020.

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