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datsecure: safe document management

The challenge: secure sensitive business information

People can easily access sensitive business information from mobile, cloud or virtual environments. This allows us to communicate and collaborate more conveniently, but increases the risk of losing our trade secrets, classified documents and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with just one click. Against these threats, file-based security such as information rights management is the best solution to protect you from information leaks.  

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protect sensitive information with datsecure

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DatSecure is a cloud-based ECM repository leveraging Fasoo's Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM) to store and protect mission-critical documents. In addition to Fasoo Enterprise DRM, the platform includes FileNet8, IBM Datacap for capture and digitalization, SAML/Okta for single sign on and high availability. DatSecure provides capture, virtualization, storage and protection of business assets while also having advanced business process and compliance capabilities.

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  • State of the art search with IBM Watson uncovers content easily, eliminating wasted time searching for the right data.

  • Unified content access that gives secure and optimized access to content for mobile, web, and desktop solutions and users.

  • Extensive document management to support document and publication requirements whether they are small and simple or extremely large and complex.

  • Collaboration, content sync and share, and mobile computing support to engage and activate users over any channels, devices, anytime, anywhere, offline or online.

  • Prevents the exposure of sensitive and confidential files by using persistent file-based security.

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