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Watch this 6-minute discovery video that describes how Watson technology works for a Line of Business audience. To request a personalized demo click here.

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By adopting an agile, open, cloud-native platform, organizations can successfully make their data ready for AI. Contact us to get started on your journey to AI.

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Learn how to use Watson Assistant for Customer Care, Agent Assist, Customer Care Voice Assist. Go here to request a Demo from the Dayhuff Group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Watson Assistant work?

Watson Assistant is a conversation AI platform that provides fast, straightforward and accurate answers to their questions, across any application, device or channel. By understanding the most common inquiries to your company, Watson Assistant reduces the burden on your agents and provides consistent answers 24/7.

How to train Watson Assistant?

The graphical tools that are provided with the Watson Assistant guide you through the steps of developing the training data to build a customized machine learning model for you. Use the dialog builder tool to write a script for your assistant to follow when it interacts with your customers. The script keys off the customer goals you identify and returns a useful response that is crafted by you. MORE INFORMATION

How much does Watson Assistant cost?

Dayhuff works with each client to build the a pricing model that works best for there needs. Contact us today to get a quote for your Assistant. SPEAK TO ONE OF OUR SALES TEAM MEMBERS TO SET-UP A DEMO TODAY

How to connect Watson Assistant to a database?

Watson Assistant has several integration capabilities, including databases. A tutorial on Watson Assistant integration is available here.

What is Watson API?

Watson API is an open AI for any cloud environment that allows you to process speech, text, and images in an easy and natural way. They also allow you to further train services with your own custom data to provide context-specific analysis. In the business, Watson is used to answer and analyze questions. Watson helps give business guidance and helps to manage risk.

Is Watson Assistant Free?

IBM does offer Watson Assistant Light plan that has limited capabilities and number of transactions, but is great for trying out a new Assistant. You can start today by registering at

How to train your Watson Assistant?

Watson Assistant is built on intents, entities and dialogs. A clear definition of the topics you are training your assistant to handle is a must. Your Assistant needs to stay focused to be userful. We have a methodology we have developed to help walk you through the information needed to train the AI engine. Watson Assistant can also be combine with Discovery Server to allow Assistant to point users to answers contained in websites or databases expanding the QA to thousands of topics with little training.