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delivering ai WITH AWS AND WATSON

2021 Top 10 AI Company

The Dayhuff Group was honored to be selected in the top 10 for AI delivery companies in the US.  Having delivered over 100 AI projects in IBM Watson Assistant, Watson AI and AWS video AI analysis.  Our customers and our great people make this happen, with innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.


selecting the right ai for solution

In a Meeting

The Dayhuff Group offers our customers the opportunity to evaluate the right AI to fit the business solutions.  We provide experience in AWS, IBM and Google AI and can match the best capabilities to the requirements.  From enterprise AI chatbot development to machine learning models Dayhuff has delivered AI solutions that exceed expectations.  ​

  • Enterprise AI chatbot development

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Document classification/identification

  • Natural language processing

  • Speech to text

  • Text to speech

  • Customer support

  • Customer call optimization

  • Equipment maintenance prevention


IBM Watson AI chatbot assistant is the industry leading chatbot technology. Powered by Watson AI, Watson Assistant learns about your business and can answer questions on any topic. Once trained Watson Assistant uses a robust AI engine to hold conversations to reduce the number of calls and questions for your helpdesk or customer service.  Learn about 8 must dos when developing enterprise AI chatbots.


More about the evolution of Watson Assistant.


Dayhuff helps companies get started on the AI journey.  Start delivering exceptional customer service today. 

aws sagemaker jumpstart

Get a jumpstart on using artificial intelligence with AWS SageMaker. Our jumpstart allows you to quickly get started with machine learning.  SageMaker jumpstart provides access to built in algorithms and models, pre-trained through the model hubs user interface. To make it easy to get started, SageMaker provides a set of solutions for the some common use cases that can be deployed in just a few minutes. The solutions are fully customizable and showcase the use of AWS to accelerate your ML journey. 

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