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Developing enterprise chatbots helps companies expand their presence

Increasing customer engagement

Chatbots can analyze customer details and drive conversations to maximize results. 

Providing omnichannel support

Enterprise chatbots remember every conversation across various channels and offer a consistent user experience.

Keeping costs down

Chatbots can reduce the volume of calls normally serviced by human agents.  This allows agents to focus on high-value customer interactions.  Enterprise chatbots also operate 24/7/365

Increasing brand loyalty

Studies find that well designed chatbots answer questions faster and more accurately, increasing customer satisfaction and happy customers mean more brand loyalty.

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10 key features of enterprise AI chatbots

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How do you develop an Enterprise AI chatbot?  Dayhuff has found these 10 key features must be contained in any functional Enterprise chatbot:

  • Omni-channel

  • Simplified customization capabilities

  • Speech recognition

  • Text to speech enabled

  • High grade NLP engine

  • Customer sentiment analysis

  • Audience segmentation enabled

  • CRM integration

  • High volume of native integrations

  • Personality development capabilities 

Developing an enterprise AI chatbot is a complex process solution that creates a human-like conversations. It will help your business increase efficiency by:

  • Answering your most repetitive questions

  • Opening support tickets

  • Being an assistant or knowledge base for employees

Enterprise chatbots can also help improve your customer flow and bolster brand loyalty.

We are often asked how long it take to build an enterprise AI chatbot?  The time required to build a chatbot can vary from weeks to months. It all depends on the complexity of features you want to implement. Dayhuff recommends defining a minimal viable product development to deliver as a phase one and develop a list of future enhancements.

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Why Dayhuff’s chatbot development services for your enterprise? 

Best AI

We develop intelligent chatbots that learn from interactions to create thorough human-like conversations.  We use the best Chatbot technology available from IBM and AWS.


Our Chatbots integrate with over 150 different systems including, SAP, Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook and many more.

Easy Deployment

You can leverage Dayhuff’s enterprise chatbot FRAMEWORKS for faster AI chatbot deployment.

Better ROI

We deliver chatbots for enterprises that improve productivity, reduce expenses, and finds quick solutions letting you realize high ROI.

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