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  • Use bots to automate human tasks

  • Share and manage enterprise content

  • Design and manage end-to-end workflows

  • Capture, classify and extract data from content

  • Automate decisions with business rules

  • Securely share information

  • Detect threats and eliminate

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  • IBM FileNet Content Manager

  • IBM FileNet Case Manager

  • IBM DataCap

  • IBM Content Manager

  • IBM StoredIQ

  • IBM Robotic Process Automation

  • IBM Information Lifecycle Governance

  • Frevvo Forms

  • Kofax products

  • Snowbound

  • Fasoo product line

  • AWS Workflow with Lambda

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frevvo an advanced eforms solution for filenet

Frevvo is an advanced eForms package that replaces and enhances the end-of-life FileNet eForms solution. Frevvo connects directly to FileNet and can be implemented for less than the cost of your annual renewal.

Frevvo’s dynamic form builder software provides an easy drag & drop designer so non-technical users can take any paper- or email-based form and quickly build a sophisticated, interactive e-form that works across all devices. They look good, are streamlined for digital and automatically adjust to all devices.

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how rpa improves productivity

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RPA is software that emulates human execution of repetitive work. It is built on technologies designed to orchestrate, execute and enhance business workflows. Cognitive RPA adds the ability to perform human-like decision making to RPA. CRPA can do things like read documents to identify specific information to pass to RPA to update another system.

  • Replace data entry for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other systems

  • Perform multi-screen lookups for billing tasks

  • Handle address changes and similar tasks that require multiple system updates

  • Validate professional credentials and member eligibility

  • Verify financial eligibility for benefits

  • Read the tone of an email and start a customer service incident or answer a question

  • Request a DMV report for insurance underwriting, read the DMV report and update the underwriting system

  • Read a faxed document loan application and automatically update the loan system

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