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Laura Drabik, VP of Business Innovation for Guidewire listed chat technology as a top trend for P&C insurers.  After transforming their back office systems with Guidewire, these insurers are looking to drive new innovation to that enhanced back office with AI.  Adding chat technologies delivers on two of the top three trends of mobile first, chat and on-demand economy.

Dayhuff has integrated Watson Assistant with Guidewire to answer some of the most common questions like:

What do I owe?

Am I covered?

I need to change my address.

I need to add a car to my policy.

These four responses are in the top 10 of all calls to an insurance company.  Watson Assistant can now answer these questions directly from Guidewire, saving a large volume of calls.

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Solve Business Problems with IBM Chatbot Technology

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Selecting a chat technology that grows as the requirements expand throughout the organization is key.  Once you have moved past the simple questions, you will quickly need to add functionality to your chat solution, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with other transactional systems, provide voice-to-text, provide an avatar and scale with your other core systems, to name a few examples.

Combining two solutions from companies that have a long history in insurance transactional processing and an understanding the complexity of insurance make for a successful system.  IBM and Guidewire have decades of experience in insurance systems, and IBM leads the market in AI.

The Dayhuff Group has combined the power of these two systems into a ready to use Watson Assistant for Guidewire that answers many of the most common questions out of the box.  Watson Assistant for Guidewire connects IBM Watson Assistant, the premier digital assistant, with Guidewire Claim Center, Policy Center and Billing Center.  It provides immediate functionality with the ability to expand throughout the organization.

Sample of questions Watson Assistant for Guidewire can handle:

  • I need to report an accident.

  • What is the status of my claim?

  • Does my policy cover X?

  • I need to add my child to my auto policy.

  • How much would insurance cost for X?

  • When was my last claim?

  • When is my bill due?

  • How much do I owe on my next bill?

  • I just purchased a new car and need coverage.


Many more questions can be answered quickly and 24/7/365 for pennies per transaction.

Contact the Dayhuff Group today to see a demo of Watson Assistant for Guidewire.

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