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delivering a better qsr experience

demand forecasting with ai

A robust demand-forecasting engine will create predictive orders. It can also deliver a plan to optimize kitchen prep. This helps to predict the number of  people you need when scheduling kitchen staff and less waste in over prepping. The benefit?


Improved forecasting accuracy both lowers your environmental impact and strengthens your bottom line.


Gathering transactional data on each sale is the lifeblood for a retail operation.  Knowing your numbers makes the difference between a profitable operation and an industry laggard. By leveraging the latest cloud based analytics and machine learning models, a QSR can gather insights to stay ahead of the market.  

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Online and 3-party ordering has become a must have.  What comes along with this is the need for a better digital engagement with customers.  Allowing customers to self-serv is critical to an online experience.  Having the ability to answer the top 15 questions of the service desk, online and 24/7 is a must for client satisfaction.  IBM Watson can deliver an exceptional customer experience and reduce the volume of calls received, improving the customers experience.

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