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smart score for pos

real-time understanding of customer experience

Sentiment is the emotion behind a customer interaction.  When you monitor sentiment, you try to measure the tone, context, and feeling from the customers' words and expressions.  With every retail transaction there is an emotional state connected to the customer and the employee.


IBM Watson sentiment analysis

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By using sentiment analysis, companies can monitor the feeling customers have about the company.  Traditional marketing metrics focus on gathering quantities of data, such as number of views, clicks, comments, shares, etc.  SMART SCORE goes beyond plain demographics to the quality of the interactions between the public and the company.  Most metrics are skewed with most customers not commenting on a good interaction, only a bad interaction.  A true assessment of overall satisfaction has not been available until now.

The Dayhuff Group, working with IBM, has trained Watson to understand customer sentiment at the point of sale for retailers.  SMART SCORE captures the sentiment for each purchase by analyzing the words in the conversation and evaluating the facial expressions of the customer and employee.  The feeling of the interaction is attached to the POS transaction in the form of a score from 1 to 10.  The audio, video and text of the transaction can be expunged for each event before it is stored so only a number is recorded.  The number represents the sentiment of the customer and the employee at the time of the purchase.  The number is assigned to the POS transaction so in-depth analysis of sentiment across the company can be performed.

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Using SMART SCORE, companies are now able to identify across the organization the average satisfaction for a customer at the time of sale.  Until now companies have had to pay secret shoppers to provide feedback on the shopping experience.  This provides only a small fraction of the transactions and customer interactions in which a company participates.  By using SMART SCORE for POS companies can capture every sentiment for pennies per transaction.  SMART SCORE requires minimal new hardware be placed in the store and is invisible to customers.

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benefits of smart score for pos

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The benefits for SMART SCORE for POS include:

  • Customer feeling at point of sale

  • Sentiment of purchase for specific items

  • Feeling of customers by store

  • By register sentiment analysis

  • Employee sentiment rating

  • Rating of sentiment by season

  • Breakdown of sentiment by region or district

  • Emergency notification for bad customer experiences

Contact the Dayhuff Group to learn more about SMART SCORE for POS.

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