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quick start offering for talend

Talend, a global leader in data integration and data management, is taking the work out of working with data.

To compete and win, organizations need to use data more effectively. Talend offers the only end-to-end platform that combines enterprise-grade data integration, integrity, and governance capabilities to unify data across any cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment. Innovations like the Talend Trust Score™, which instantly quantifies the reliability of any dataset, remove barriers to becoming data-driven. Talend’s no-code and low-code modules give data experts and business users alike the means to actively promote the health of their data. With Talend, users across the organization actively collaborate to understand, improve, and create value from data organization-wide.

Dayhuff offers quick start packages to get customers up and running quickly.  These offerings include Talend Data Fabric and services at a low fixed cost. 

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Talend data integration

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Talend combines rapid data integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks to ensure trustworthy data every step of the way.

Talend provides SaaS based self-service tools making it easy to ingest data from almost any source, and integrated preparation functionality ensures that your data is usable from day one.

From the rapid ingestion of data to a cloud data warehouse to the most complex multi-cloud projects, Talend can meet your needs.

Trust your data with talend trust score

Talend is the first to combine data integration and data integrity in a single platform. It brings people, data, and machine learning technology together to easily access and monitor your data. The Talend Trust Score gives you at-a-glance visibility into the trustworthiness of any data, so you can put healthy data at the center of business and trust you are making better decisions.

Talend gives you a complete picture of the health of data across your organization, telling you where your data came from and how it’s been used. It instantly evaluates whether data is reliable based on a combination of data quality, data popularity, and defined ratings, allowing you to diagnose and resolve the issues.


why talend

Make decisions based on data, not guesswork

Talend combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform that delivers the full value of your data for your activity.

Improve customer experience by enabling analytics

Save resources by accelerating operational data

Modernize cloud and data so your business can grow

Reduce risk and establish data excellence

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