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Watson chatbot Demo

IBM Watson assistant demo

The Dayhuff Group has over 20 different prebuilt Watson  Chatbot demos ready to show.  We have created these to give organizations looking at chatbot technology a glimpse of what can be done.  These demos are part of our starter frameworks that allow our customers to implements Watson Assistant faster and at a lower cost and risk.  Some of our prebuilt demo are for:

  • Insurance

  • Banking

  • Retail

  • Utility

  • Customer service

  • Website FAQ

Documents and Blurred Business Men

This chatbot built on IBM Watson Assistant was built to demonstrate the ease of integration with external systems.  The chatbot has been taught to do two things, look up a docket and display the daily filings.  When a docket is requested, the system generates a link to the docket on the PUC website and returns a link to the specific docket.


hawaii puc Watson chatbot demo

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