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IBM Watson discovery pricing

get to know your customer with watson discovery


How can you sift through questions and complaints from customers through various channels and use the information to improve the customer experience? IBM Watson Discovery understands the intent of the customer and leverages the data to identify trends in products or services and to identify how customers feel about products, services, or a company as a whole.  Contact us to learn more about the best Pricing. 

surface answers and insights with watson discovery

Discovery provides AI-powered search and text analytics capabilities to empower an organization's experts and knowledge workers with the right information at the right time, in the right context.  In only seconds after ingesting your data, Watson gets to work on understanding your data and business, finding hidden information deep in your data repositories.  Discovery starts delivering key insights into your business on the first pass and with Dayhuff's help and training, it can deliver even more at a very economical price.

First AI System to debate humans

why watson discovery


Uncover patterns, trends and relationships hidden in your data in near real-time. Use text analytics to gain insights into social media, e-commerce trends and user behavior, finding the root causes of problems to make more informed decisions along the way. 

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best watson discovery pricing

Dayhuff offers the Best Watson Discovery pricing available with tailored solutions to our customers needs.  Starting at a little as $500 a month, businesses can start to using Discovery's power capabilities to identify new trends and find hidden information.  Dayhuff will work with your team to identify the volume and frequency of your data to find a pricing model that will work for your business.  Contact us today to get a quote. 

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